Spare tyres? Where did they come from!

There are reasons I like to stay this side of the camera. Many reasons. All of which have been creeping through my mind this morning as I watched my interview on Knit1.TV.

I swear that I have lost most of the baby fat, and am infact wearing clothes a size smaller than I was 6mths before I fell pregnant (go me!). It’s that annoying, stubborn post baby tummy flab that’s taunting me. The stuff that likes to spread itself around and show off when you sink into the sofa. (I know, I know, I shouldn’t worry about it but…)

Still, all in all, I can actually look at it! Listening is something else altogether – does anyone like the sound of their own voice?

As always, I managed to pull more than a few funny faces (just call me expressive).

However, besides the contorted expressions I did smile a lot. And talk a lot. I gabble when I’m nervous.

Ok, so I don’t like the look (or sound) of myself, but it’d be a bit odd coming here and reading a great review of ones own interview, no?

I must say, my stuff aside, the site and channel is really well presented. Have a look yourself – Knit1.TV – you can get a brief free preview and get a taste of what it’s all about before parting with any hard cash for the subscription. If you fancy a laugh, here’s the direct link to my interview. Under the techniques section you’ll find my demonstrations for garter kitchener and kitchener.

Can I admit that I think it’s kinda cool that I’ve been on TV showing kitchener?

Woolly Wormhead

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  1. blueadt


    I have to admit that I saw a lot of great expressions due to my PC buffering but you’re were great.

    Many of us have a spare tyre of two but that just proves you’ve lived!

  2. PrairiePoppins

    That’s a great interview! So neat to put a face and a voice to you.

  3. Zabet

    It is SO NICE to hear your voice! Love the Hat you’re wearing there, too. *hugs and love!*

  4. teacosy

    I think you look beautiful! =)
    I too babble when I’m nervous!
    Look at the gorgeous guy who gave you the baby fat! Totally worth it, and it’ll eventually go away, or whatever… and rememeber allthose actresses and models who are perfect two weeks after giving birth, have personal trainers, personal nutritionists and maybe even easier births than Aran’s!
    You look beautiful! =)

  5. erssie

    Well, you look stunning in the stills.
    Have you got darker though? The hair I mean?

  6. Mouse

    I only watched the free preview but I think you sounded lovely!

  7. Katy

    You did very very well and you look perfect! I don’t think I’d manage in front of the camera, I freeze even when we do family shots.

  8. Heather

    I thought the interview was excellent! (I’m going to go and watch the demos next) and you don’t gabble half as badly as I do! I am still having trouble accessing my dyeing part 1, but part 2 which I have managed to see I do rattle on rather.

  9. Alei-Noodle Knits

    Awe! I think you’re beautiful and that hat looks so nice on you!
    I love your hats!

  10. Babylonglegs

    hehehe……not going to say you looked nervous….at all 😉
    The camera loves you baby!!!

    S xXx


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