Mister Hat

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Hat Description

Mister Hat is a pixie Hat worked from the top down. It starts with an I-cord and the body is knitted in stocking stitch. It has a rolled brim.


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Aran weight, single ply yarn.


Needles & Notions

Set 4.5mm/UK7/US7 DPNs/Circular or size needed to obtain gauge
Stitch marker as necessary
Tapestry needle


Sample Details

Shown in Cascade Souk [220yd/201m per 100g; 55% Wool. 45% Silk]

Shown in size 21in/53.25cm on model with 21in/53.25cm circumference head. Sample shown weighs 46g.



18 sts x 24 rows to 4in/10cm on 4.5mm needles over St.St.



To fit sizes: 18 [21, 24] in/45.75 [53.25, 61] cm
Finished sizes: 16 [18.75, 21.5] in/40.75 [47.75, 54.5] cm

Not sure which size to make? Check my handy size and measuring guide!


Skills Required

Cable Cast-on
Knitting in the round
Draw-through Bind-off
Blocking a Hand Knit Hat



K: knit
P: purl
rpt: repeat
R/rnd(s): rounds
st(s): stitch(es)
SSK: slip next 2 sts knitwise, then knit these 2 sts together through the backs of the loops

How To

Using the cast-on method of your choice, cast on 72 (84, 96) sts. Join in the round, taking care not to twist the stitches. Place stitch marker to indicate the start of the round.



Knit every round, creating stocking stitch in the round, until work measures 5 (6, 7) in/ 13 (15.25, 17.75) cm from cast on edge.



18in size jump to Rnd 9, 21in size jump to Rnd 5 & 24in size start from Rnd 1

Rnd 1: *K14, ssk; rpt from * to end (90 sts)

Rnd 2 and all even rounds: Knit all stitches

Rnd 3: *K13, ssk; rpt from * to end (84 sts)

Rnd 5: *K12, ssk; rpt from * to end (78 sts)

Rnd 7: *K11, ssk; rpt from * to end (72 sts)

Rnd 9: *K10, ssk; rpt from * to end (66 sts)

Rnd 11: *K9, ssk; rpt from * to end (60 sts)

Rnd 13: *K8, ssk; rpt from * to end (54 sts)

Rnd 15: *K7, ssk; rpt from * to end (48 sts)

Rnd 17: *K6, ssk; rpt from * to end (42 sts)

Rnd 19: *K5, ssk; rpt from * to end (36 sts)

Rnd 21: *K4, ssk; rpt from * to end (30 sts)

Rnd 23: *K3, ssk; rpt from * to end (24 sts)

Rnd 25: *K2, ssk; rpt from * to end (18 sts)

Rnd 27: *K1, ssk; rpt from * to end (12sts)

Rnd 29: *ssk; rpt from * to end (6 sts)

Rnd 31: *ssk; rpt from * to end (3sts)

Now work an I-cord for approximately 2.5in/ 6.25cm. Break yarn and draw through remaining 3sts, tighten to close.



Sew down I-cord to form loop at Crown. Weave in all ends. Blocking isn’t necessary, however should you wish, a light blocking will help the stitches settle. However, do note that to ensure a good fit, the gauge above should be treated as a post-blocking gauge if you intend to block your Hat.

I’ve been back a few days now from my long trip and UK tour, and while I’m still settling back in and unpacking and gathering together all the brilliant things that happened and the photos to prove it, I thought I’d share a quick free pattern.

This Hat uses a skein of Cascade ‘Souk’ that was given to me by the lovely Katya Frankel at the first Rocking Kitchen retreat (organised by Ruth Garcia-Alcantud and Joeli Caparco). It was pretty evident what this skein wanted to be, and so it became my sanity knitting towards the end of my trip (it was needed; almost a month away from Tom and Aran was *too* long)

And there we have the Mister Hat!

I was in two minds about writing this one up, as there are tonnes of simple beanies like this out there. But a) it’s my habit to write up every Hat I knit, and it’s a hard habit to break. And b) having recently taught my Increases/Decreases class, I thought this was a good example of how different placement of decreases affects the style and structure of a decrease pattern, especially when stacked like this. And also having recently taught my Hat Design workshop, this Hat is a good example of how a slight change to the decreases ratio affects the overall shape. So there!

I’ve lots to share from my trip, and still lots of unpackcing and admin to do. With any luck some sense of normality should be with me sometime next week.

In the meantime, the Mystery Hat-A-Long is in it’s last week! Next week I send out the final pattern, and with that it will revert to it’s full price. If you want a bargain pattern, with extras that *won’t* be included in the final file, then you’d want to grab yourself a copy of the Mystery Hat by next Tuesday, 26th (official end of MKAL is 27th November). There are some notable extras, including a bonus Crown option and notes on how to work an after-thought Brim, as well as all the formulas for size vs gauge when using different yarns.

Need Help With This Pattern?

If you’ve a question about this pattern, please pop it in the comments below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can! I’m afraid I’m unable to offer help via email or private message, but you’re welcome to post in our forum.


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Woolly Wormhead

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  1. samm

    Mr. Hat is great!! I love the I-cord loop on top, and that yarn is beautiful. I'm very glad you wrote it out! Definitely a keeper! 🙂

  2. Angela

    Welcome back! I'm sure T and A are glad to have you home. 🙂


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