Payhip and Gifting Digital Products part 2

Following on from our last post explaining how a Payhip store owner can gift their digital products, we’ll talk today about how you can gift something to a friend without needing store owner access!⁠

One thing that Ravelry lacked, and one thing I know a *lot* of knitters have requested, is the ability to use a discount code towards the purchase of a gift item.⁠

Well, with Payhip it’s possible! Both in terms of gifting an item to a friend, and in using a discount code with that gift purchase.⁠

The procedure is pretty similar to the outline in our last post.⁠

1) you’ll need your giftee’s email address as well as the product or products they’d like to receive.⁠

2) add the chosen items from the designer’s Payhip store to the cart and proceed to checkout.⁠

3) first, add in the giftee’s email address.⁠

4) then add the coupon code that the designer or store owner has provided, if you have one, and it’ll show the reduced price.⁠

5) then proceed to complete the purchase on behalf of your friend via Paypal or card.⁠

6) your giftee will then receive a download email from which they’ll have access to the knitting patterns or other digital items.⁠

7) as the purchaser, you may still get the option to download the item right away unless the store owner has adjusted their settings*. We’re trusting that you won’t, ‘cos if you’re gifting a digital item you’re already showing respect for both the creator and copyright.⁠

8) *as a store owner, if you’re concerned about the immediate download option you can choose to add a ‘redirect after purchase’ page – Account > Settings > Advanced Settings – and this removes the immediate download option. My customers are redirected to my website FAQ, for instance. Or it could be your newsletter sign-up page or your IG links page.⁠

And that’s how you can gift a digital item via Payhip, discount or not!⁠

eta/ this post was updated on 11th March 2022 with a new post graphic. The image shows the crown of my Corella pattern.

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