Knit Hats review in Vogue Knitting!

The latest issue of Vogue Knitting is the 40th anniversary edition and it features a great review of my Knit Hats book!

“… nonconformance is more Woolly Wormhead’s game. Rather than plop a new cable on a tried-and-true shape, Woolly is more interested in the sculptural and engineering properties of Hats.”

My nonconformity is being celebrated, finally!

It really is a great review and it did me so much good to learn about it – thanks Yvonne for letting me know. The reviewer gets my work, my approach, and it’s so refreshing because more often than not magazines shy away from my designs because they’re “too out there”. In the past I’ve been asked by publishers to make my designs simpler, or I’ve been asked to stick to “regular” Hats, and that always makes me sad as knitters deserve to have access to creative projects that stretch their skills.

And to have Vogue Knitting recognise and say all that? I’m a very happy soul.

Woolly Wormhead

Woolly Wormhead is an internationally reknowned knit designer, specialising in Hats, technique and construction. Their patterns and techniques have been used by thousands of knitters worldwide. Join The Woolly Hat Society to be the first to learn of their latest projects and special offers!


  1. Patricia VanderLaan

    Keep up the good work. Your "out there" is what keeps me knitting your hats.

  2. Jane

    Congrats! And here’s my favorite quote: If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be." Maya Angelou

    • Woolly Wormhead

      Thank you, that’s a great Maya Angelou quote!

      On a personal tangent, it feels particularly poignant in light of my ADHD and Autism diagnoses – I suspect a lot of late diagnosed adults may feel the same.


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