Works in progress…

If you think this looks like a pile of swatches then you’ll not be wrong!

This project, one I’m working on in collaboration with Soho Publishing, home to Vogue Knitting and Sixth & Spring Books, and Malabrigo Yarn, is taking up every spare inch of time and headspace, leaving me little time to think of anything else let alone remember what else might need my attention.

I’m rapidly approaching the first major deadline, whereby the next phase brings in a whole new chapter – quite literally – and a set of fresh new challenges. Because I’m not working on this project alone, I’m bringing in guest designers, and I’m project managing the entire thing.

Which is mighty daunting! So I’m trying not to think about just how big this whole project is, or the amount of work needed to get from those first discussions with my editor to the handing in of the manuscript. I can tell you though that as much as I’m distracted and exhausted and chasing my tail, I’m very much enjoying myself. The creative challenges I’ve faced have been some of the best problem solving games I’ve played and I *know* the finished book is going to be bloody amazing.

I’m still not in great mental health, so to get through this project I’m needing to switch a lot of the world off to help me focus. The slightest interruptions can lose me days. But I’m getting through it and that alone is a major achievement. The fact that I’m enjoying it and doing something highly creative and innovative? It’s bloody marvellous! It’s getting me through the dark and cold and miserable winter days.

If I’m a little quiet, distracted or forgetful, this’ll be why…

Woolly Wormhead

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