New year, new release

There’s been a lot of life stuff happening over the last few months, in particular the last month – a LOT. I’m still catching up with myself and have plenty I want to talk about and share, but I thought I’d get things rolling again with a new pattern release. Meet Riverbero!

Riverbero is knit sideways, using slipped stitches for the colourwork, which is not difficult at all. It’s all stocking stitch so you can use the regular grafting method and whichever your favourite short row method is.

What’s really cool about this design, apart from that striking pattern and gorgeous crown, is that it’s almost infinitely re-sizeable for any yarn, gauge or size!

Like all my other sideways patterns, it’s constructed from panels. With this one the panel is slim and easily memorable due to the short slip stitch colourwork repeat. The short pattern repeat and narrow panels allow plenty of room for adjustment making it highly customisable.

I knit this sample in Ripples Crafts Yarn Merino Sport and I *love* the way Helen’s colours work together. If you can’t get hold of any, or have some other yarns in your stash that you’d like to use then you can – all you need to do is check your gauge & go from there!

This pattern was designed towards the end of 2020, and the photographs taken in February 2021. I’ve waited to release it, hoping to develop a video class to go with it, as I think it would make an ideal workshop pattern. However about 2 years ago we started experiencing problems that impacted my ability to work in my studio, and so video classes had to be halted as we struggled to get noise or interruption free recordings, which was a real shame. No matter what we did, we just couldn’t get a decent run without interruptions. Going forward we’ll have the freedom to pick up online workshops again and produce new ones – which is one of the big things I want to talk about! – but I don’t know yet when that’ll be and I don’t want to wait any longer so the pattern’s coming next week!

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Patreon supporters on the ‘Chullo’ tier and up will be able to use their monthly members’ reward code to get the pattern for free – the upper tiers each get a coupon code every month to the value of a single pattern, so it’s well worth the membership price.

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