Starting over

It’s been a few months since my last update on the progress for the new website. You can read it here, so I won’t repeat it all! You can also learn more about the new website via the blog...

Close up of a selection of yarn oddments, in blues and greens, with the blog title across them

New year, new release

There’s been a lot of life stuff happening over the last few months, in particular the last month - a LOT. I’m still catching up with myself and have plenty I want to talk about and share, but I...

Riverbero, mosaic colourwork slouch Hat, in sport weight, in green and purple, left view, with blog title

Payhip and discount codes

Whilst we wait for the new website to be finished - and I know, it’s been a long wait as I explain in another post - I’ve used the Payhip shopping cart on this website. It’s quite possible that...

Close up of the Everglade lace Hat, with converging leaves, in orange. Post title is at the bottom