I have worked with many yarn shops, event organisers, designers and editors, yarn producers and dyers over the years. Collaborating with other small businesses is a positive step for everyone involved and for the industry at large, and so I’ve put together my current interests and restraints so that you know what to expect from me.


Yarn Support:

Currently, I am not considering new requests for yarn support. As much as I love working with indie dyed yarn, my current situation – health+work schedule – means I’m unable to commit to additional deadlines. Whilst a yarn producer may be happy for me to take yarn regardless of a commitment to a publishing date, I would rather not enter into an agreement that I may be unable to meet. I do though regularly buy indie dyed yarn, as I’m far happier supporting dyers in this way. Every skein I buy will become a pattern, and working this way allows me to work more creatively, and more healthily.



I am no longer accepting commissions for patterns or articles to be featured in books, magazines or collections. I appreciate having had the chance to work with a wide range of companies over the years and gain valuable experience from this, but now is the time for me to focus on my self-publishing work.



Please note that I will not sell anyone the full rights, my copyright, for any pattern to anyone. Maintaining my copyright is essential to my income and my supporting my family.



This is an area where I really enjoy working with indie dyers! I am able to either wholesale an agreed amount of single use coupon codes (that allow your customer to purchase the pattern from my website for free) OR provide you with necessary material to enable your customer to purchase the pattern to go with your yarn at their leisure. I am generally happy for you to knit one of my patterns in your own yarns, and should you be interested in collaborating in this way, please get in touch.


Printable Marketing Materials:

I provide a range of downloadable materials for marketing that dyers can print at home. The packs include information leaflets containing size, yarn, gauge & yardage information, as well as where your customer can purchase or download the pattern(s), to enable you to sell the right yarn to your customers. These marketing materials have been professionally designed and can be downloaded from here.



Since Deep South Fibers sadly closed their doors, my books and patterns haven’t been available for print wholesale. I am slowly in the process of setting up a new print wholesale option, although I can’t say yet when this will be ready. I am happy to wholesale in a digital format, as single use coupon codes, and will continue to do so once print wholesale returns. Please visit the Print Your Own Packs page for more details. All of my books and patterns are available as digital wholesale through the Ravelry In-store scheme.


Guest Blog Posts:

At this time, I am not accepting requests for guest posts to be featured on my blog, but it is something I may revisit in the future.


Further Opportunities:

If you have other ideas for working together that haven’t been covered by the information above, please do get in touch. I ask that you provide as much information as possible, so that neither of us are chasing for details! I’m happy to discuss ideas via email but please note that I do not use the phone, and cannot manage business via WhatsApp or other messaging platforms – thanks for your understanding.