Quality Pledge

Every Woolly Wormhead knitting and crochet pattern goes through rigorous testing to ensure that it not only reads well and makes sense, but also that it is error free. This process is outlined below.


Technical Editing

All of my premium patterns – both individual patterns and those in books or collections – are checked by technical editors. Their job involves the following:

  • tech editors not only check the wording and punctuation, but they also check all the maths and ensure that all the numbers add up. They do not knit each pattern, but instead read it as it is written, technically
  • each single pattern is checked by 2 different tech editors, to ensure we catch even the tiniest of errors. Each tech editor is familiar with different terminologies (UK vs US) and in turn they help me to ensure that the patterns are clear to different markets
  • book patterns generally go through 3 levels of tech editing. They are initially edited straight after testing. They are then edited again as they are added to the book layout, to ensure no errors have crept in at this stage, and then the final level checks everything to make sure all previous errors have been corrected
  • tech editors also review each pattern should it have a change in publication, e.g. it is included in a new collection or is republished after an exclusive period in a magazine
  • tech editors will also review a pattern should a difficult error occur, and together we will work through a particularly challenging problem


We are only Human

Despite our best efforts, errors may still occur because we are only human. Should you find an error in one of my patterns, then please either email me or post in the specific thread on the Ravelry forum. I dread hearing about errors in my patterns as much as anyone, but the sooner I know about them, the sooner they can be fixed and the sooner the corrections can be posted.

It should also be noted that patterns published by 3rd parties may contain errors for other reasons, and I’m afraid many of these may be out of my control. However, both the publisher and I are keen to hear if you find an error in a published work, so please do not hesitate to contact me should you find a concern in any of my patterns, wherever it may have been published.