Print Your Own Packs

Working with indie dyed yarn is one of my very favourite things to do; collaborting with indie dyers is also a favourite thing to do. With this in mind, I’ve been working towards building PYO (print your own) marketing and wholesale packs. I welcome feedback on these packs, and will continue to grow the range to meet demand.

Wholesale Packs

Previously I have provided wholesale to indie dyers by offering postcards with single use coupon codes. These have been very successful for kits in particular. However, with my studio now permanently in Italy shipping rates have increased, as have delivery times, and so I’ve looked for alternative ways to wholesale direct to dyers. Within these packs you’ll find print ready postcard files and details on how to order single use coupon codes. Printing the postcards yourself reduces waiting time and costs, and in turn it means I can offer a better wholesale rate on the codes. These packs are provided for indie dyers and traders; if you are a bricks and mortar yarn store please use the Ravelry In-store Sales system for digital wholesale.

Marketing Packs

Download the pack that applies and have a read through. These packs are designed for indie dyers, traders and yarn shop owners to label their Woolly Wormhead samples, and/or provide their customers with information they can take away to purchase the pattern. These are perfect for taking to shows or displaying in your shop if you’re not yet signed up to Ravelry In-Store Sales. The collection specific packs also include the all important yarn, yardage, gauge and sizing details.